Pasta With Shrimp


400 gm. shrimp fresh & peeled 

200 gm. pasta sauce

1/2 cup fresh butter

1 green pepper

1 onion , chopped

1 1/2 tbsp. garlic powder 

1 tbsp cumin


1 : Heat the sauce, in a pan over low heat , take a big pot and pour some water in it for boil.

 Add pasta and cook for 10 min. and then drain it.

2 : now take shrimp and boil in a large pot and boil until they turned orange.

 Melted butter keep in a bowl, now let the shrimp marinated for 30 min.

remove it now in a large skillet over low heat.

 Saute the onion & green pepper in low amount of oil,

3 : Mix up now all the cooked ingredients pasta, onion, pepper, mixture in sauce

, season with cumin & garlic. Sumber