Carrot Vanilla Cake Recipe

Carrot Vanilla Cake Recipe
Carrot Vanilla Cake Recipe

Carrot Vanilla Cake Recipe

Here's how to make it


2 carrots, finely grated

1 small Orange

Black seed pods carom Dorm floor, 8 mortar and pestle

100 ml milk

2 large eggs

100 ml olive oil and sunflower oil

350g flour

For the topping:

250 g low fat cream

1/2 tsp vanilla Essence

For the syrup:

1 large orange


Preheat the oven to 180c/gasoline mark five.grease and line a23cm square cake in
integrate the carrot, orange juice, zest. ground cardamom seeds and mike in small bowl and set a rider with electric powered beater whip the eggs till it emerge as thick and creamy, gradually upload the oil beating well. Fold the flour into the mixture, alternating with the raisin and carrot combination.
Spoon into the cake tin and back for 40-45 mins till a sneaker instead within the cake pop out smooth when cooked switch the cake to awire rack and leave to grow to be cool

Orange syrup:

Peel the skin from the orange and reduce into quality strips. location in a small saucepan with the juice from the orange and prepare dinner it, the orange strips for approximately 5 mins until softened and the orange juice to reduced barely and it's far syrup

Carrot Vanilla Cake ready!