Chicken Fry Recipe

Chicken Fry Recipe
Chicken Fry Recipe

Chicken Fry Recipe

here's how to cook it :


Chicken Bornless-500gms-slice small portions

1. ginger – small pieces of

2. garlic-one-

3. cold green three-four

4. coconut-1/4th

5. five Curry

6. small-sliced onions 10 to 12

7. coriander

SR. No. 1-4 chopped into small pieces.

5. half of Teaspoon of Turmeric powder, 3-4 spoons of pink chilly powder, 3 spoons of Coriander power, 1 table spoon black pepper powder, 1 Lemon juIce, Salt to flavor .


smooth the bird and slice into small pieces. Marinate with substances mentioned at sr. no. five and preserve it for one hour. cook the fowl with little water till it will become soft.
warmness a thick backside pan, pour 4 to 5 tablespoon of oil, (ideally Coconut oil) placed the chopped coconut portions, ginger, garlic, green cold and curry leaves saute until golden brown. Now upload the cooked hen and saute until it will become crispy and dry. Garnish with onions fried golden brown and coriander leaves and serve warm.

food is ready!